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Jumbo Sized Magnesium (Ferro) Rod Flint Survival Fire Starter Kit with Wood Handle and Striker 1/3" x 4.75"

Jumbo Sized Magnesium (Ferro) Rod Flint Survival Fire Starter Kit with Wood Handle and Striker 1/3" x 4.75"

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Ideal for home use and Survival outdoor camping, hunting and hiking bracelet can be used for scouts, fishing, military, outdoor activities and wilderness adventures

This magnesium flint fire starter is great for home use and outdoor camping. It is a 4 in 1 survival tool with a Magnesium fire rod, Scraper, Ruler, and Bottle Opener.

  • Waterproof & Weatherproof, fits all weather, works in any weather condition. Perfect emergency fire starter kits for Bushcraft, Hiking, Hunting, fishing, EDC, Emergency, BBQ, camping, and more
  •  Large Size. Ferrocerium Rod Length: 4.75". Diameter: 1/3". Large enough for a shower of sparks and compact enough for any survival kit
  • Long Magnesium fire rod will give you thousands of sparks. It is light weight at 2 ounces so you can carry it anywhere with little effort
  • Hardwood handle provides a good grip. The handle can be also used to develop fire starting material in case of emergency.
  • The striker has a multi-functional design that includes scraper, flint striker, bottle opener, hex wrench, ruler, and map scale.


Material: Magnesium, Wood, nylon

Type: Fire starter

Flint rod: Magnesium flint 2.75 inch length by 1/3 inch diameter

Complete measurements : 4.75 inch length with handle

How to start a fire

Prepare the tinder you have chosen.

The new flint need to scrape several times in order to remove its surface black oxide layers in the first time.

Hold a striker (or knife spine) against the top of the flint rod at a 45° angle. Scrape the striker down with rapid even movements. Allow sparks to fall onto tinder.

It will take practice to get a spark but once you get a spark this works great.

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