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Adjustable Paracord Emergency Survival Bracelet Whistle Compass Survival Fire Starter

Adjustable Paracord Emergency Survival Bracelet Whistle Compass Survival Fire Starter

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This is a 5-in-1 camping survival bracelets with compass, flint fire starter and stainless-steel fire scraper, emergency knife, survival whistle and loud whistle. You can wear this stylish bracelet daily or on your adventure trips. It is completely Weatherproof and easy to clean.

  • 5 IN 1: Call for help or start a fire with this Tactical Survival Bracelet Emergency Bracelet Kit; Utility wristband compass bracelet helps maintain your sense of direction, but if you get lost, use the survival whistle to make an SOS call; Set camp with paracord and flint fire starter kit
  • SURVIVAL PARACORD: The paracord bracelet can be unwound to create a very strong 3-foot piece of 550 LB paracord rope for bow and arrow, mini sling, help climb trees, make a trap, tourniquet and splint, fishing line, shelter tie-up, boot laces, sling, trip wire and more. 
  • SMART, COMPACT, PORTABLE – This ultra strong paracord bracelet for easy carrying and storing. Simply wear it on your wrist or snap it on your backpack and enjoy having a tactical survival kit always with you, no matter where your adventure takes you!
  • FIRESTRIKER: Makes an emergency fire even in the rain. Fire rod is magnesium.
  • WHISTLE: The whistle is loud enough which imagine it could be heard from a very good distance depending on geographical surroundings.3. Take the bracelet off your wrist before trying to use the compass.
  • ACCURATE COMPASS: Great for direction. To make the compass more accurate, please remove the metal scraper away the compass.



Color: Black or Green Bracelet

Length: 9 Inch Adjustable

Width: 1.25 Inch

How to start a fire

Prepare the tinder you have chosen.

The new flint needs to scrape several times in order to remove its surface black oxide layers in the first time.

Hold a striker (or knife spine) against the top of the flint rod at a 45° angle. Scrape the striker down with rapid even movements. Allow sparks to fall onto tinder.

It will take practice to get a spark but once you get a spark this works great.

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